SwitchedOn is a newly produced online publication by the crew from RenewEconomy, who have been tracking the green energy transition for more than a decade, and supported by Boundless Earth, an independent philanthropic initiative helping Australia become a global force in a decarbonised world.

The Brief

SwitchedOn engaged in our services to craft a visual identity that not only aligns with business objectives but also resonates with its primary audience: millennials and early GenZ, as well as translate it across digital by designing and developing the online publication's website.

The project had 3 main objectives:

Clarity Amid Complexity: The core mission is to demystify the intricate landscape of the energy transition, simplifying the often overwhelming and intimidating information surrounding this topic.

Youthful Appeal: Targeting a younger demographic, SwitchedOn's brand persona must strike a balance between trustworthiness and a more youthful, engaging tone.

Urgency and Climate Focus: To reflect the urgency of the climate crisis and the importance of the energy transition, the brand must evoke a sense of informed urgency and inspire action.

The Solution

Together with the client, we determined that the SwitchedOn brand should be perceived as:


Offering well-researched insights.


Cultivating curiosity about the energy transition.


Empowering readers with knowledge and agency.


Instilling enthusiasm for a sustainable future.


Motivating action through inspiration.


Encouraging active engagement in the transition.


Establishing credibility and trustworthiness.

The ideation behind the SwitchedOn logo came by merging together a few different key elements that speak to SwitchedOn’s mission as a disruptor in the industry.

The digital switch: this speaks to the idea of SwitchedOn being a digital online publication that helps educate its audience about the path towards electrification; switching it on.

The untangled rope: SwitchedOn aims to untangle myths and assumptions around a subject that can seem quite overwhelming and packed with complicated facts and information.

The leaf: this represents the sustainability element: this reflects quite literally the industry SwitchedOn speaks to.

The world & online web: this reflects once again the online part of the brand, as well as the idea that this is a global issue, that requires everywhere around the world to electrify their houses.

When we merge all of these elements together, we find ourselves with a symbol that resembles that of a bird: one of the unique characteristics of the bird is that out of the entire animal kingdom, the bird is the one with the most acute vision. They are able to see colours much brighter than any other animal, and are able to see extremely far into the distance, as well as having a “birds eye view” of what is beneath them.

This speaks to the idea that SwitchedOn has the long-term vision of creating a much brighter version of the future, as well give us an understandable birds eye view of what the path to electrification looks like, and what it means.

UX Design and Website Build

Our focus was on creating an intuitive and engaging user experience (UX) and building a website that effectively communicates the mission of simplifying the energy transition for millennials and early Gen Z.

Logical User Journey: We designed the user journey to ensure that the presented content flows logically, guiding users through the complex topic of the energy transition with ease.

Diverse Media Accessibility: Our design prioritised easy access to various forms of media, including articles, podcasts, and interactive stories. This diversity of content enriches the user experience and caters to different user preferences.

Seamless Navigation: Navigating the SwitchedOn website is a seamless experience. Users can effortlessly explore the wealth of information and stories available, finding exactly what they need without frustration.

Responsive Design: The website is optimised for all devices and screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and visually pleasing experience whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Brand Alignment: The design not only supports the project's educational objectives but also aligns with the brand's youthful and urgent tone, resonating with the target audience.

Our UX design and website development efforts for SwitchedOn have resulted in a platform that offers a cohesive and engaging experience, making the journey through the world of the energy transition accessible and compelling for the younger demographic, while upholding the brand's key values and goals.

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