Shleep is a luxury sleep wellness brand, dedicated to the wellbeing and vitality that a great night’s sleep brings to our waking life. Using the finest Australian merino wool, Shleep has innovated a new textile labelled ShleepHalo™- the first ultra-luxurious bed linen for an extraordinary night’s sleep.

The Brief

In the current trajectory of social media and the boom of short-form video content, Shleep engaged in our content creation services to expand their audience reach and build luxury brand awareness. Our content creation services for Shleep revolved around 3 main pillars:

1. A consistent flow of short-form video content.

2. Professional photography and videography content.

3. High quality editing for any content created in-house and externally.

The Solution

Brand Essence

In order to encapsulate Shleep's luxurious tone, we needed to ensure that the content was of high quality. We determined that capitalising on the professional photography and videography assets was the best way to maintain a consistent stream of content as well as uphold the brand’s essence. We came up with the ‘At Home with Shleep’ campaign which also acted as an influencer campaign.


Whilst drafting up our shot list, we ensured that the shoot assets were able to be used elsewhere; filming b-roll that was to not only be used in the final cut but also, to be edited for future short-form video content. With engaging captions and trending sounds we can maximise on the initial scope of work. 

Internal Videography

In conclusion, our ongoing work with Shleep has allowed for it to grow its content database whilst maintaining its brand’s essence. 

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