Launched in 2022, PARLA is the newest venue by Zach Hiotis (formerly of Regiment) located in Sydney CBD's Quay Quarter. PARLA's food menu brings together some of the best elements of Modern Australian, Italian and Spanish while sourcing exclusively from local Australian producers. PARLA coffee deli bar offers a unique combination of the finest specialty coffee, cold meats, paninis, focaccias, natural wines, spirits and cocktails.

The Problem

Parla had initially done a quick branding in an effort to rapidly open the cafe. Upon reviewing, they felt that the current branding didn't align with their business goals and target audience. Parla wanted to set itself as a high-end cafe delivering an authentic experience, set in the newly built AMP building at Sydney's Circular Quay.

The Solution

Sliced Bread Social was contracted to oversee Parla's rebrand. The new brand was thoughtfully created to reflect authenticity and quality, with a touch of modernity. PARLA isn’t your average coffee shop; it combines an authentic atmosphere with delicious and modern dishes, made from native high quality fresh ingredients.

The primary logo and logomark are simple and refined, just as is the venue. Placed horizontally, the logomark resembles a coffee cup, a nod the quality of the coffee served at PARLA.

The new colour palette was inspired by the coffee shop’s setting. The equipment is made of brass, giving it a sophisticated yet antique ambiance. The light brown hints to the coffee beans, as well as the idea of dried meats hanging from the walls, just like traditional old Italian shops. The gold is a hint to the strong presence of brass in the entire venue, and the light grey and pale grey add to the softness and earthiness of the colour tones, and emphasising on the brightness of the daylight that shines through the big building windows. Combined together, these colours reflect the authenticity and quality of the venue, food and coffee, with a touch of softness.

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