Sarah Oquist is an experienced Human Resources Consultant with decades of experience in the industry. Her modern approach makes the process fun and easy to understand, focussing on the people’s experience within the business; she helps create and maintain a positive work culture by building HR programs and initiatives for engagement and retention.

The Brief

Sarah contracted Sliced Bread Social to craft an appealing visual identity that was in line with her target audience and the visionary approach of her brand. Sarah's mission is to shine a new light on the HR process, tearing down misconceptions of it being “boring”. In such, the brand needed to balance professionalism and experience with approachability and a more youthful appeal.

The Solution

The core of the branding concept for Sarah Oquist was to make HR clear, approachable, and enjoyable.

The logo, with its bold design, is at the forefront of this concept. It stands its ground, making a statement through simplicity while exuding a sense of approachability and fun. The retro-inspired display typeface is both fun and groovy, with a bold personality while remaining simple and easily readable. This choice of font underpins the idea that the HR process can be made easy, clear, and enjoyable.

The monogram, a clean and simple combination of the initials "S" and "O," holds a deeper meaning. Although not explicitly intertwined, both letters coexist harmoniously, much like the role of HR within an organisation. This subtle connection hints at HR's ability to bring cohesion and order within a business while maintaining simplicity and clarity. The "S" resembles a path or process, merging seamlessly into the "O," which resembles an eye. This symbolism alludes to HR's oversight of the work culture within a business, with clear and straightforward processes ensuring that everything is in order.

This project for Sarah Oquist is a testament to the power of design in reflecting an individual's unique approach to a profession. The new brand identity successfully conveys the message that HR can be exciting, modern, and clear, dispelling the stereotype of it being "boring." The logo, wordmark, and monogram work together to encapsulate Sarah's vision and her commitment to creating a positive work culture.

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