With 3 decades in the leadership trenches, including 21 years in private practice as a leadership coach to the influencers, Sally Anderson’s passion is coaching people at their highest level by taking them through an ultimate transformational journey to self mastery.

The Brief

Sally Anderson came to us with the goal of relaunching her brand and website with a new positioning, claiming a unique space in the market, and targeting highly-trained individuals, CEOs, politicians, global influencers, celebrities, military forces and millionaires/billionaires. As such, the Sally Anderson brand has to convey a balance of mystery, luxury, authority, power, softness and elegance, all through simplicity.

The Solution

Sally's new brand is unique, bold and timeless. It reflects the path taken by whoever embarks on their journeys with Sally.

Visual Identity

The logo has presence and stands its ground - making a statement through its own simplicity.

Alterations were made to some of the letters; the horizontal line was removed from the A to make it resemble a mountain; anyone that undergoes work with Sally will have to face their own inner mountains and overcome them.

The Y and the N have had some lines shortened, as if they were missing a piece of a puzzle; this conveys the idea that along the journey of transformation, one will face obstacles and challenges, and will often feel like a piece of the puzzle is missing. This is where Sally’s work is so undeniably powerful as she helps find those missing pieces through inner work.

A line that seems to come from and go into infinity starts and ends the word-mark. This represents the idea that transformation and inner work is constant, it never ends - the work on one self is a never ending journey of self-discovery and transformation to reach one’s ultimate full potential.

The letter-mark sees the S and the A intertwined together, resembling a path going through a mountain. This represents the idea that in order to reach the most expanded version of one’s self, one has to navigate through their own inner moutain by overcoming their traumas, roadblocks and anything else in their way. It is a long, demanding and challenging journey, but the result is the ultimate state of being: equanimity.

The colours mix luxurious, authoritative and soft aesthetics. The soft teals and marble are inspired by luxury interiors, both classic and modern. They are gentle and elegant colours that convey peace and class. They are also a nod to the pearl sunset and sunrise colours, conveying the idea of new beginnings, a new self, as well as the unknown of what lies ahead from transformation. The gold and charcoal are strong, bold and authoritative colours that convey power, luxury and mystery. Combined together, these colours balance high-end luxe with peaceful elegance, making it ideal for the target audience.

Website design & development

Sally's new website had to balance luxury, elegance, and authority, whilst being highly immersive and unique. We took on the challenge and create an online experience that Sally's clients wouldn't forget, placing her as a leader at the forefront of her industry.

The response to the new brand and website has been extremely rewarding.

"So, I wanted to allocate considered time to not only look through your new website but respond with consideration.Sally, your new website is sooooo fabulous! I feel like you have truly captured your essence, your inner power and your ethos. It's also so powerful. I also think that your positioning is really clear who you are, who you help/support/teach and the level that you vibrate within.In terms of practicality. I really like the layout and aesthetic decisions. The golds, soft green/grey & black are elegant and easy to read and follow. I love how the images you have selected are then offset to your written sections. The images have such a powerful impact. They truly capture 'co-creation'."

"Wow. First let me just acknowledge you for the incredible vision and continued focus to see that vision realized on your website. It is absolutely stunning and relays your brilliance in word and visuals.I am not sure how I can improve what is already so elegant and powerful."

"WOW Sally. The person who commissioned this website is SUPER-SERIOUS about who they are and what they do. MAGNIFICENT."

"Hi Sally, I just finished looking at your website and I have to say, I'm blown away! The graphics and pictures are so powerful and evocative. I especially love the opening page where you talk about the unparallelled, the how, the what, and the who. Your descriptions of the different programs are so clear and your bio and quotes are impressive. I think your website is a sum of all your knowledge and the world needs it. Even if someone doesn't become a client, just reading through the website is huge. I'm going to go through it again because once is not enough. I couldn't find any feedback to improve it. Great job!"

Sally Anderson

"After 3 decades in the leadership trenches of which 21 years in private practice as a leadership coach I not only understand the importance of branding but in providing clear communication via the online medium.  Over the years I have worked with MANY branding / web site developers both for myself and for my leadership clientele and without a doubt the experience with Sliced Bread has been one of the most impactful, professional, and exemplary of any brand strategists I have worked with.  Their ability to partner you in articulating your vision through the visual online medium and partner you to present yourself in a way that impresses your audience/target market is nothing short of being ‘world class’.  I am based in New Zealand but operate 100% internationally and the feedback on my brand and new website they created is beyond phenomenal."

"I cannot recommend them highly enough if you wish to stand out from the crowd and make a profound difference."

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