Launched in 2021, Pavilion On The Green weds luxury with sweeping 180 degree views of lush, landscaped greens. Located just 15 minutes from Sydney's CBD, Pavilion On the Green offers a picture perfect backdrop and first class amenities for weddings and other events.

The Brief

Pavilion On The Green contracted Sliced Bread Social to create a distinctive visual identity. The challenge at hand was to strike a harmonious balance between elegance and the corporate sophistication needed for other special functions and events, whilst targeting a high-end luxury audience segment. We want to avoid giving the brand an overly feminine image that is often associated with weddings

The Solution

Pavilion On The Green's brand identity is an embodiment of its core promise - a versatile event space that seamlessly blends elegance, luxury, and professionalism.

The primary logo for Pavilion On The Green harmoniously combines two contrasting typefaces. combining modern simplicity with gracefulness. This balance lends an air of sophistication and luxury while maintaining a gender-neutral appeal, ensuring that the brand doesn't lean too heavily towards the traditional femininity often associated with weddings. In essence, the logo communicates that Pavilion On The Green is a high-end, opulent events venue.

The logomark is designed with recognisability, reproducibility, and readability in mind, making it suitable for a variety of applications, both large and small. The intertwining "P" and "G" in the logomark represent "Pavilion" and "Green," and these combined elements evoke the symbolism of wedding bands, underlining the profound union associated with marriage. Simplicity and elegance shine through this design.

Pavilion On The Green's chosen colour palette reflects softness, natural beauty, and luxury, inspired by the ambiance of weddings under the marquee. The blend of black and cream harks back to the classic attire of grooms and brides, while the green and blue hues are reminiscent of the lush surroundings and the open sky. A touch of gold mirrors the golden hour of sunset, and the effervescence of champagne bubbles. These colours, together, reflect the quality, elegance, and gentle allure of the venue.

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