Founded by Javier Fernandez, Addgis emerged in the market in 2021, in the midst of a growing pandemic. AddGigs was born out of a desire to empower local talent, offering them the freedom to be their own bosses while connecting them with meaningful work opportunities. This vision stemmed from the difficulties Javier witnessed as he had to let go of numerous employees during the pandemic, a time when remote work was becoming the new norm. AddGigs aimed to embrace this modernized way of working, supporting local talent and freelancers across Australia.

The Brief

To establish itself in a competitive freelance marketplace alongside industry giants like UpWork and, AddGigs turned to Sliced Bread Social for a comprehensive branding, UX design, and digital strategy overhaul. The challenge was clear: craft a brand identity that would not only differentiate AddGigs but also resonate with its target audience. The goal was to communicate AddGigs' unique value proposition with simplicity, clarity, and relevance.

The Solution


Our journey began by formulating a robust brand strategy that encapsulated AddGigs' mission - connecting Australian employers and freelancers to foster collaboration and create exceptional outcomes. The brand personality was defined as empathetic, Australian, easy-going, reliable, professional, and positive.


AddGigs sought to position itself as an onshore, local Australian freelancing platform where Aussie freelancers and employers could work and collaborate effectively. The platform's promise was to deliver high-quality results in a secure and professional environment.


The logo was meticulously designed, combining symbols that represented connection, growth, and reliability. The color palette drew inspiration from Australia itself - the rich blue of the water, the golden sands, and the vibrant red earth. This visual identity not only represented the essence of Australia but also the core values of AddGigs.


To enhance user engagement and satisfaction, our team conducted thorough user experience research. We implemented user-centered design principles to create an intuitive and user-friendly platform. The result was a seamless and enjoyable experience for both freelancers and employers.


Our digital strategy was designed to maximize AddGigs' online presence. Through effective SEO, content marketing, and social media management, we ensured that AddGigs reached its target audience with a compelling message. Our strategy also included personalised recommendations and streamlined user onboarding to boost engagement and retention.

In conclusion, our partnership with AddGigs transformed it from a promising startup into a thriving Australian freelancing platform. Through a well-defined brand strategy, a visually striking identity, and a user-centric approach, AddGigs was poised to revolutionise the way Australians work and collaborate in the digital age.

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